Texans Start the Cuts to Get to 53

The Houston Texans after their fourth preseason game have started their cuts.
August 29, 2014

Texans Training Camp Primer: The Tight Ends

It is closing in on Houston Texans 2014 training camp and here at State of the Texans we will cover all of the position groups and players leading up to day one of training camp.
July 15, 2014

Post Practice with Patrick Witt/Zach Potter

Enjoy these two post-practice audio clips as sophomore quarterback Patrick Witt talks about mobility as an extra dimension for Nebraska's offense and how he fits in with that. Also listen to senior defensive end Zach Potter talk about the defensive line, his progression and what a road it's been since the day he stepped foot on campus as a Husker.
November 18, 2008

A new excitement for the "D"

Bo's going to fix things on defense. That's the belief. Heck, he's done it wherever he's been. That's good for players like senior defensive end Zach Potter. There's no bad side to that, but just when you, an experience player, get the starting job, and now you are starting over. But everyone's happy, because they think they are going to be better in the end.
March 25, 2008

Can't give up now

It seems like an eternity ago when Nebraska was torturing teams with the option. You never knew who had the ball, who to take and just what to do. Nebraska felt a little like those defenses which had to face the ground-pounding Nebraska of old. It didn't work out very well. Junior defensive end Zach Potter talked about that and where the team goes from here.
October 20, 2007

Oklahoma State Post Game Audio Collection

Check out these sound bytes from Nebraska's hard loss to Oklahoma State, as the Cowboys romp the Huskers, 45-14.
October 13, 2007

Blackshirt everything to Potter

Being a Blackshirt means everything to a defensive player at Nebraska. But for someone who is from the state, it may mean even more. Junior defensive end Zach Potter talked about the blackshirt tradition, living up to it, and touched on how his game has progressed and the scrutiny he and college athletes in general get in today's society.
September 25, 2007

Nebraska ready, eager for another game

Nebraska concluded practices today inside Memorial Stadium as they prepare to face Ball State . It's been a week of "padded" controversy, but for the coaches and players, it's just another week preparing to play ball. It's hoped that the questions surrounding this upcoming game will simply be about how the team simply got it done.
September 20, 2007