A New No. 1

Scout.com proudly presents our new <a href="http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=73&amp;p=9&amp;c=4&amp;pid=88">National Hot 100</a> and we now have a new No. 1 prospect in the country.
November 28, 2004

Football Recruiting Roundup

In this week's Football Recruiting Roundup, find out the latest news on <b>Tri-County (Ga.)</b> offensive lineman <b>Charles Jackson</b>, <b>Burns (N.C.)</b> wide receiver <b>Josh Briscoe</b> and more.
November 6, 2004

RECRUITING: Update on Tony Wright's commitment

In an earlier interview with Tony Wright, he confirmed with us that he had committed to the University of Florida and the coaches. Now, it seems he's changed his mind somewhat as to what he defined as "commitment," so we went on the record with him to tell us what's changed. Get the <b>real</b> inside scoop.
November 3, 2004

RECRUITING: Tony Wright commits to Gators!

Just a few days ago, I heard a small rumor that four star running back from Peach County, Georgia had committed to the Florida Gators. I found it a bit odd with all of the new developments surrounding the program, so I gave Tony a call to get the story straight from him. Read on to see what he said and view his highlight video.
October 31, 2004

RECRUITING: Tony Wright still has UF as leader

Last time we caught up with Tony Wright his season had gotten off to a bumpy start. His team had taken an early loss and he wasn't getting very many carries. However, this have improved a good deal for the shifty running back from Fort Valley, Georgia. How have things changed? Read on to find out and see his video highlights.
October 5, 2004