A Look Back: The Newcomers

The Wildcats played a number of first year players this season. From true freshmen to junior college transfers, there were plenty of guys making their collegiate debuts and a more than a few made an impact.
December 1, 2006

Opinion: Personnel Changes Needed

Even in this day and age with immediate news and hyped up opinion on the internet it is still rather rare to see college athletes called out by name. You see the calling out of professional athletes regularly but since the concept of team is still the strong selling point in college athletics it is rare to see the younger amateur athletes called out for poor performance.
October 8, 2006

Offensive Woes: Youth And Inexperience

Even the most diehard, myopic Wildcat fans realize there is a problem with the offense. Every fan has their solution. To me there are four things you have to look at on offense: talent/experience, play calling, player development and execution. We'll devote a column to each and try to pinpoint what some of the problems are and see if they are fixable. We'll start off by examining the talent level.
October 3, 2006

Countdown to Camp: Guards

Like the other offensive line positions, guard has a ton of talented bodies but not a ton of experience. The Cats enter camp with some solid starters and some talented young players pushing them for playing time.
August 3, 2006

Countdown to Camp: Tackles

The Cats have some good tackles in camp. They return two starters and Eben Britton may challenge for a starting job. An injury will thin out the ranks a bit but thanks to cross training there are plenty of bodies.
August 2, 2006

Countdown to Camp: Centers

Last year the center spot was manned by an undersized walk-on and although the Cats have high hopes for the upcoming season, the spot may once again belong to Erick Levitre. That is not to say that the senior won't have to battle for his job.
July 31, 2006

Spring Review: Offensive Line

No position is more key to the success of the Wildcats this season than the offensive line. The coaches seem pleased with the depth and there is a lot of potential. There are also a lot of questions after the fall.
May 18, 2006

1-on-1 with Daniel Borg

One redshirt who got a lot of praise last season was Daniel Borg. The Tucson product surprised many with his great technique and mean streak. Borg may not have played a snap last season, but he turned enough heads on the scout team that he is seen as having a legitimate shot at starting in ‘06.
February 21, 2006