Coming back...again

You think you have it rough when you stub your toe, linebacker Nick Covey would consider stubbing his a dream come true. Surgery after surgery, after surgery, all he wants is to play. In this brief post practice audio, Nick talks about his road back and his expectations now that is he (knock on wood) almost healthy.
April 9, 2007

Covey Can't Wait To Step On Campus

In studying Nick Covey's film this past year, one word that describes him well is "deceptive". He seems almost too quick, too strong and too agile for what is seen, but he offers Nebraska a promising linebacker who will be in Lincoln before too long. We were able to catch up with Nick to get his thoughts on his new home.
May 15, 2005

Covey Presses On Despite Injuries

Nick Covey has battled a bevy of injuries during his senior season along with the typical adversity that a young man faces. As his future team ends their year in less than favorable conditions, how is Nick holding up? What does he think of Nebraska's season and what position could he see himself at during his collegiate experience?
November 26, 2004

Everything comes back positive from Covey's

One of the committed players that was in town this weekend for Nebraska was Nick Covey. Nick is a fantastic athlete that is slated to play linebacker, although it sounds like Coach Downing and the offensive coaches might be fighting a little to see him on offense.
October 17, 2004

Husker commit to be in stands on Saturday

This was supposed to be the year. You could say that he was overlooked to some degree. All-state and all-conference honors at two different positions and both different than what he is projected to play in college. His camp performances at Nike put him on the map and at Lincoln landed him an offer and a chance to play for The Big Red.
October 12, 2004

Nick Covey, not playing, but still leading the way

The trials of tribulations of a season are just that. You often find out just what you are worth to your team based on the type of adversity you see throughout the year. Sometimes though, it's when you aren't actually on the field at all do you really see where some players step up. That's been the case for Nick Covey, who's been out the entire regular season, much to his and his team's chagrin.
September 30, 2004