Jaguars Scouting Results

Find out what Jaguars scouts saw this weekend when they visited various colleges.
December 9, 2008

"Play Each Game as an Underdog"

UCLA junior defensive end Korey Bosworth talked at practice Wednesday about the challenge of facing BYU's offense, his recent injury, trying to tackle BYU running back Harvey Unga, and being an underdog...
September 11, 2008

VIDEO: Korey Miller

The other half of the twin linebacking duo from Plano (Tex.) West, Korey Miller, is seen here in action...
May 9, 2005

UCLA Gets A Pair Of Twin LB Recruits

UCLA goes down to the Lone Star State to get a pair of linebacker commits in twin brothers Korey Miller and Kyle Miller, the nephews of former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth.
October 26, 2004