Inside 'The Unit', Offensive Line

The Arizona Wildcats may have a new offense installed but one of the main question marks surrounding the team's success still remained. The Cats' offensive line absolutely had to improve if Arizona was going to be any more successful in 2007.
October 10, 2007

Kerley on the offense

The Wildcats may have a new blocking scheme, but like all schemes the center is vital for its success. Wildcat center Blake Kerley discussed the changes to the scheme, the staff and the offensive outlook.
March 28, 2007

A Look Back: The Newcomers

The Wildcats played a number of first year players this season. From true freshmen to junior college transfers, there were plenty of guys making their collegiate debuts and a more than a few made an impact.
December 1, 2006

Countdown to Camp: Centers

Last year the center spot was manned by an undersized walk-on and although the Cats have high hopes for the upcoming season, the spot may once again belong to Erick Levitre. That is not to say that the senior won't have to battle for his job.
July 31, 2006

Blake Kerley audio interview

Blake Kerley was one of the rare top tier center recruits who actually played the position all through high school. With all of his experience snapping the ball, many thought he may have a shot at seeing time last season. Although he was impressive, the staff felt better redshirting him. Now Kerley will be in serious competition for the starting center spot this spring. Cat Tracks caught up with the redshirt freshman for this audio interview.
January 10, 2006

Kerley Loves His Official Visit (free content)

<b>Blake Kerley</b> was recently named first team all-district and is hoping for more honors to come. He had a great time in Tucson over the weekend and gives us the full recap.
December 15, 2004

Kerley's "all business on the field"

The Arizona recruiting rush has been something to behold. On Monday night the Wildcats added two players and on Tuesday another pulled the trigger. One of the two Monday night pledges is a big Texan for whom football is a way of life.
August 17, 2004