Saints Wrap Up Buckeye Friday

The New Orleans Saints recent history with players from "The Ohio State University" has been a good one. After all, the 2009 Super Bowl Championship team sported two Buckeyes on that defense's starting unit, Will Smith and Malcolm Jenkins. Tonight on "Buckeye Friday" the Saints picked two more Ohio State players in the 2nd round. Wide receiver Michael Thomas gives Drew Brees big red zone target and safety Vonn Bell gives the Saints a ballhawk in the secondary. Here's Bell's story...
April 30, 2016

Saints Cornerback Position Just Fine

At the risk of getting booed right out of the Who Dat Nation, I'm going to state something that I've been thinking for months. The New Orleans Saints are fine at cornerback, and I would be perfectly content if they didn't select one in the upcoming NFL Draft. "Blasphemy", you say, "the Saints gave up more touchdown passes in NFL HISTORY!" And yes, you'd be correct in saying that. But I'm saying that last year's injured rookie, P.J. Williams, is a 1st round talent ready to explode...
April 7, 2016

Saints Free Agency: Big In-House Decisions

In recent years, the New Orleans Saints have made a habit of living in salary cap hell, forcing them to restructure contracts and waiving those who refuse to do so. It's an unfortunate necessary evil after spending many offseason robbing Peter in order to pay Paul. Somehow, the Saints always seem to find players on the free agent market. But before they can look elsewhere, decisions must be made on several of their own players, from Khiry Robinson to Benjamin Watson. Here are my thoughts...
February 14, 2016

Defense Wins Championships

DEFENSIVE REPORT: For nearly the first 3 quarters Sunday, the Saints defense put on a performance that would have made the Dome Patrol proud. They confused, confounded and controlled a Colts offense that was considered one of the best in the NFL coming into this season. Yes, Andrew Luck racked up a ton of garbage yardage after being down 27-0....and yes, it nearly cost the Saints dearly. But make no mistake, this Saints defense is coming into its own in a big way.
October 26, 2015

Team Outlook: New York Jets

Geno Smith or Michael Vick? It may not really matter. The Jets' offense has been teetering between bad and pathetic for a number of years. Something has to change and hopefully new additions like Eric Decker and Chris Johnson can create new scoring opportunities both on the field and for fantasy owners.
July 13, 2014

Jets' Position Battles: Cornerback

The New York Jets are heading into the 2014 season with a big question mark in the secondary: who will play opposite of Dee Milliner? Take a look at who has the best chance of filling the void and who has no chance at making the giant leap into a starting role.
May 27, 2014

Dee Milliner embracing first full offseason

Dee Milliner had his ups and downs as a rookie, but the arrow was certainly pointing up at the conclusion of last season. Unlike last year, the former Alabama standout will be healthy for OTAs and minicamp, which is good news for the Jets.
April 23, 2014

Rex Ryan takes the high road on Revis fiasco

Normally outspoken and as candid as they come, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan avoided any controversial comments regarding Darrelle Revis signing with the Patriots and Antonio Cromartie departing during free agency.
March 25, 2014