Let The "Juice" Play

After the loss to the Indiana Hoosiers in Memorial Stadium on Saturday, it's a look that I've seen before. I'm having a major flashback here. Losing is one thing - but the way the Illini lost may be tougher to swallow. Read here for "another" reporter's view on last Saturday's game.
October 10, 2006

Illini wants to "Loose the Juice"

Illinois has plenty of talent at hand on both sides of the ball and it is somewhat puzzling why there is not more production.
September 28, 2006

Illinois @ Michigan State: Preview

The Fighting Illini travel to Michigan State Saturday in another challenging Big Ten football game. The Illini hope to counter the embarrassing pounding they received from MSU last year, while the Spartans try to recoup from a last-minute loss to Notre Dame. Illinisports discusses Illini prospects in this article.
September 27, 2006

The Juice Era Begins with 24-7 Loss

It was the start of a new era for Illinois football on Saturday afternoon, the Juice Williams era officially began with Ron Zook's decision to start him in the Illini's Big Ten opener against Iowa. But the star of the game for the Illini in Saturday's 24-7 loss to the Hawkeyes was not Williams, it was the Illini defense.
September 23, 2006

Bleeding Orange & Blue

In Volume V, Issue 4 of Bleeding Orange & Blue, Jared Gelfond looks back at the Syracuse game and the emergence of Juice Williams. Jared also touches on the Eric Gordon recruitment.
September 22, 2006

Fans Want More "Juice"

Chalk up another loss for the Fighting Illini. They lost to Syracuse 31-21 in Memorial Stadium. The Illinois football program has been struggling for sometime now and the one bright spot may be Chicago native Isiah "Juice" Williams. Read here for more on Williams and the upcoming Iowa game.
September 18, 2006

Football Season Preview: The Quarterbacks

Illinois has a fifth year senior to lead its offense in quarterback Tim Brasic. While some fans are excited to see if two dynamic freshmen can be saviors for the program, Illinisports reports that Brasic is still the unqualified leader at the position.
August 23, 2006

"I want to compete for a starting spot."

Isiah Williams, the no. 1 ranked quarterback prospect in the Midwest, is planning on competing for the starting QB job this fall. Read here for Isiah Williams' take on last week's recruiting class.
February 7, 2006