Davis stays humble despite success‏

In a game with many pro scouts watching, one of the best to ever don the Maroon and Gold showed just why his next stop is the NFL.
November 10, 2009

Q&A: ASU Style

Your ASU questions are answered here! Dawgman.com invited Hod Rabino, Publisher of DevilsDigest.com, to answer questions posed by our subscribers. How is former UW assistant Eric Yarber doing? How do ASU fans see Dennis Erickson right now? How strong is ASU's offensive line? Defense? Hod answers those questions, and many, many more.
October 16, 2009

A BAKER'S DOZEN: Arizona State

ARIZONA STATE HAS plenty of offensive weapons from Rudy Carpenter to Keegan Herring to four very good receivers, but the offensive line has struggled giving up at least three sacks in each of the last four games. On the defensive side of the ball keep your eye on LB Mike Nixon who has an interception in the last two games.
October 29, 2008

Texans Scouting More Defensive Talent

The Texans front office is normally able to keep a pretty good poker face when it comes to draft time. It's not draft time just yet, but BattleRedNation has spotted some Texans scouts at the USC-Arizona State game. Find out which players the team is looking at…
October 16, 2008

Replacement for Peterson?

Secrets that affect national security aren't kept quite as closely as most NFL teams draft boards and which players they may be interested in. The Jaguars front office is no exception, as they are normally able to keep a pretty good poker face when it comes to draft time. JagNation has spotted some Jaguars scouts out and about. Find out which players the team is looking at.
October 14, 2008

'09 NFL Prospects Head 2 Head Preview: Week 4

After a week that featured a game worthy of National Championship hype, which ended up being a bust, Week 4 doesn't offer anything as intriguing as the USC, Ohio State game. Georgia and quarterback Matt Stafford will try to rebound - after a near defeat - against Dexter Davis and Arizona State. Find out the other four matchups and eight prospects Chris Steuber profiles this week.
September 18, 2008

Preseason Hype Doesn't Go to Davis' Head

Being nominated in the preseason for three of college football's most prestigious awards could inflate some players' egos. Not Dexter Davis. While the underrated Davis is grateful for some recognition, he knows that at the end of the day all it means is just that your name is on a piece of paper.
August 27, 2008