Down to Ole Miss and LSU

<a href=[PlayerNode:1204977]><font color="#000099"><b>Steven Korte</b></font></a> (RB, Mandeville, LA) - One of's top rated running backs took an official visit with the Rebels over the weekend. <br> <br> Before the visit took place, Steven was committed to LSU. Did he leave Ole Miss that way?
January 18, 2005

Steven Korte on his way to Oxford this weekend

<font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href=[PlayerNode:1204977]><font color="#000000"><b><font color="#000099">Steven Korte</font></b></font></a> </font> (RB, Mandeville, LA) -'s #56 overall running back prospect will take an official visit with Ole Miss this weekend.<br><br> Steven's father, Steve Jeffrey Korte, played for Arkansas from '77-'81 and was the starting center for the Saints from '82-'92.
January 14, 2005