Three Wildcats apprehend a thief

All too often the summer is filled with bad stories about football players. In the past week one college and one NFL player were arrested for domestic abuse, while Pittsburg quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was in a terrible motorcycle accident. With all of this negative press it is refreshing to find out that three Wildcat football players thwarted a robbery near campus.
June 21, 2006

McCovy Talks About Trip To UCLA

After not being able to trip last weekend, Lakewood (Calif.) High linebacker <b>Adrian McCovy</b> finally took his official visit to UCLA to wrap up his trips...
January 30, 2005

McCovey to Visit This Weekend

After a bit of a snag last weekend, Lakewood (Calif.) High linebacker <b>Adrian McCovey</b> will indeed take his official visit to UCLA this weekend, and then make his decision...
January 26, 2005

McCovey Talks About Weekend

Though he was supposed to trip to UCLA this weekend, Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker <b>Adrian McCovey</b> had some changes come up that prevented him from visiting Westwood...
January 23, 2005

Five Official Visits This Weekend

There are now <b>five</b> football recruits coming to UCLA for official visits this weekend -- including linebacker <b>Adrian McCovey</b>, and two scatback-type running backs from out of state, <b>Chris Williams</b> and <b>Deon Wallace</b>...
January 19, 2005

UCLA Has Chance with McCovey

One of the best linebacker prospects in the west, <b>Adrian McCovey</b> from Lakewood, Calif., will visit UCLA this weekend, and he talks about the chances the Bruins have with him, which are better than you might think...
January 18, 2005