Johnson Hopes He Made a Big Impression

Tuesday's Pro Scout day at the University of Florida was far from the most interesting in school history. Florida appears to have just one player, Mike Pouncey, who is likely to hear his name called in the first three rounds of the NFL selection process. Add to that uncertainty about the players and owners reaching an agreement anytime soon and the day had kind of a strange feel to it.
March 16, 2011

NFL Combine: Training Like A Pro

Get an inside look at what it takes to prepare for a grueling event like the NFL Scouting Combine. and go behind the scenes with the IMG Performance Institute.
February 28, 2011

Better Blocking Key to More Big Plays

The Florida offense has spent the past two weeks of practice focused on the little things. Big plays have become a thing of the past during the current three-game losing streak, but offensive lineman Carl Johnson thinks the team is just missing them. Improving the smaller aspects of the offense could be what the group is missing.
October 28, 2010

LSU Defense Surprises UF Offense

Game planning for an opponent has to deal with tendencies and according to Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson, the LSU defense threw a kink in the game plan when facing the Gators. LSU hasn't relied on excessive pressure so far this year, but on Saturday night, LSU decided they were going to bring as many to the backfield as they could get away with. It took some time for Florida to adjust.
October 11, 2010

Carl Johnson Talks Candidly

Carl Johnson has been pretty straight forward with the media all fall and continued that on Monday after the big loss to Alabama. The Gators' left guard was part of an offense that had its moments but more low lights against the Crimson Tide including a paltry performance inside the red zone. Johnson spent several minutes with the media and we have the highlights here.
October 4, 2010

Johnson Talks Rivalries and Laughs

One Florida player that has added quite a bit of amusement to the media room over the last few weeks is senior guard Carl Johnson. Johnson has been around the block a few times and knows how to deal with the press like a pro. Watch here as he answers a few questions about Gator rivals and tackles other 'personal' questions as well.
September 14, 2010

Johnson Excited and Amusing

It is down and dirty play along the trenches in the SEC but some of the most humorous people happen to play there. One of those is senior guard Carl Johnson of the Florida Gators. Johnson is ready for the new season and welcomes all comers to see his team. He had a good time with the media on Monday.
August 30, 2010

Johnson's Versatility Paying Off

There are times when center Mike Pouncey comes to the line, points at some of his offensive linemen, and they know exactly what he's thinking. Florida's veteran offensive line is that close. They are comfortable enough around each other and confident in the scheme that the offensive linemen sometimes feel like they read each other's minds.
August 24, 2010