Chargers Sign Eight Players to Practice Squad

Second-year players Gary Banks and Corey Clark were among the eight players who were named to the San Diego Chargers' practice squad on Sunday. Only three rookies were invited to extend their stay in lightning bolts.
September 6, 2009

Training Camp Update: The Numbers Game

The San Diego Chargers have several talented players in danger of being caught up in the numbers game. This is especially true at running back, linebacker and the D-line, as each position has three players scrapping for one roster spot.
August 17, 2009

Wilhelm Out, Beckwith In?

The Chargers released LB Matt Wilhelm on Friday, the second time this offseason the team cut ties with a once-promising inside linebacker prospect. With both Wilhelm and Anthony Waters out, are Kevin Burnett and Darry Beckwith set to step in?
July 24, 2009

7 Points: Must-See QBs

Have the boring NFC North QB matchups finally come to an end? Is RB Chris Johnson truly "Every Coach's Dream?" What NFL book should you be reading this summer? Ed Thompson shares his insights on these topics as well as T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Brandon Marshall, and more in his 7 Points feature.
July 6, 2009

San Diego Chargers Rookie Most Likely To...

The San Diego Chargers are counting on this year's rookies to make an immediate impact. But is the Class of '09 up to the challenge? lays out the expectations for a handful of rookies.
May 25, 2009

Tomlinson Renews Focus on Rings and Records

LaDainian Tomlinson's offseason is usually pretty mundane: Work out like a fiend, do a few commercials and arrive at training camp with the hunger for success which has marked each of his eight NFL seasons.
May 15, 2009

Five Players to Watch: Undrafted Free Agents

The San Diego Chargers added 18 college free agents to the roster earlier this week, but only one or two will survive to make the Opening Day roster. So which of these players has the staying power to beat the odds? Here are five to keep an eye on.
April 28, 2009