Bowl games great barometer for the future

Bowl games are great for the future. That's easy enough to figure out. After all, a team gets 15 practices after the regular season, they wouldn't have gotten any other way. But this time leading up to the bowl game is potentially as good for the long term future as it is for the short term. This is Hickman's last run, so he's going to make sure to help the team out any way he can.
December 26, 2009

It's all about Colorado

The theme was today and will be through the course of the short week, that there is no Texas. That's because winning or losing the Colorado game is technically irrelevant. Don't tell that to senior Jacob Hickman, who has been around long enough to know that it is anything but.
November 23, 2009

This was just goal number one

It's a theme with this team it seems. A North Division title is nice. The fact that it was the last home game for 13 of these players. Yeah, that's sentimental, too. But this is a step, and there is still a bit more of the regular season to go. The all-business mentality has taken hold of players like senior center Jacob Hickman. Enough looking back. They are looking ahead to the next game.
November 21, 2009

K. State P.C. Audio: Jacob Hickman

Going into his last home game as a Husker, you'd think that senior Jacob Hickman might be waxing nostalgic, thinking of all the time he's been at Nebraska. Not so much, he says. There is a lot to think about in regard to his career, but he's more focused on the now. He figures he'll have plenty of time to reminisce once it's all said and done.
November 17, 2009

Just trying to get better

The defense is getting the hype. The offense isn't. Some of that lackluster belief comes from a lackluster game plan against Oklahoma that was most definitely intentional. No sense in trying to get fancy against a defense like that. You might just lose the game you are trying to win. But it's back to basics this week, and the Huskers are getting ready for the Jayhawks.
November 10, 2009

Trying to find an identity

Jacob Hickman said after the Texas Tech loss, that this team needed to find an identity. This week is all about doing just that. He talked about that after practice today, and where he thinks this line has to go from where it is right now.
October 19, 2009

The good and bad of it all

First and goal at the six will probably haunt fans for awhile. Mostly because it turned into an eventual punt. It was one problem which seemed to be a monumental factor in the ultimate score of the game. But it's one amongst many, according to their senior center. There's no panic, but there are things that need to get fixed before Louisiana Lafayette comes to town.
September 22, 2009

It's still all about the pancakes

Senior center Jacob Hickman is an analytical sort. He looks at the way things are done, the subtle nuances of the game and as usual, is always mindful of solid technique. But when evaluating the line's play along with that of the newcomers to the field such as Ricky Henry and Derek Meyer, the bottom line is about being physical. And he said they were.
September 7, 2009