A Southern Tradition comes to a sad end

The Southern Tradition at Darlington Motor Speedway comes to an abrupt end. Darlington will still get a second race but it will not be on Memorial Day weekend. "It is without question the biggest event in the history of Darlington Raceway," president Andrew Gurtis said. That is quite a statement considering this race has been run since 1950.
August 28, 2003

Busch Win Crashed filled Sharpie

When pre-race introductions took place at Bristol motor speedway, Kurt Bush was booed. They were angry with the release of Kurt Bush's in car audio from Michigan Speedway, which revealed that Bush was intentionally trying to knock hated rival Jimmy Spencer into the wall. At the end of the race Spencer punched Bush and was suspended for one race and put on probation for the rest of the season. Kurt Bush was also placed on probation.
August 24, 2003