Eric Block Center Of Attention For Illini

The Fighting Illini football team has the potential for a great offense this fall. There is abundance of athleticism at all the skill positions. It's success will depend on the offensive line. Fifth year senior Eric Block says the offensive linemen plan on being the strength of the offense, and they are working hard to prove it.
August 27, 2009

New Lease On Life For Center Eric Block

Seniors can become emotional and depressed as they watch their college careers come to an end. All those years of hard work, all the striving for perfection, and then it's over. Eric Block went through that, but then his career was resurrected when the NCAA gave him an extra year of eligibility. Now, he feels exhilarated despite the extra year of hard work.
May 11, 2009

Bruins Look at Louisiana Lineman

He is <b>Eric Block</b>, a 6-3, 280-pounder from the same high school, New Orleans Jesuit, as UCLA running back <b>Chris Markey</b>...
December 29, 2004

New Orleans Offensive Lineman Is No "Big Easy"

As usual, Louisiana is going to put out it's own fair share of super-preps this year. Ryan Perrilloux heads the Bayou class of stars. While Eric Block may not find himself amidst the same list as Perrilloux, he's going to try and get close his final high school year of ball.
June 10, 2004

"If Nebraska offered, I'd probably commit"

I know you have heard of how offensive linemen are graded sometimes on how many "pancake" blocks they get in a game. At other schools, there's a variety of complex systems meant to rate the guys down in the trenches if only to quantify in numbers just what they are or aren't doing. How about "Mean" points though? That's right. You smack someone and then, smack them again, that's a "mean" point and THAT'S how linemen are supposed to play.
May 17, 2004