Sutton, Peterman and Gill Sign as Free Agents

Once again the draft didn't come knocking on the door in Evanston, but three of Northwestern's Wildcats signed deals once the dust settled.
April 26, 2009

SJT: Cardiac Cats Homecoming

Four TD Passs from C.J. Bacher, as the Northwestern Wildcats put a wild Cardiac Cat finish on Minnesota and Homecoming. Steve watched it all and has his weekly Wildcat Wrap.
October 14, 2007

Defense: Add one more Safety

The Northwestern Wildcats announced their new non-scholarship players Thursday afternoon, adding at least one defender and welcoming another back to the backfield. The new guy is from from Indiana, and is a two time all-everything selection on both sides of the ball. [plus the full Purple Reign Defense Chart]
June 22, 2006

NU Recruit Update - October 24

A new Commit joins the list, and as the<b> Illinois State Playoffs</b> get under way, two of our next recruiting class just might meet in the 5A playoffs. We'll see.<br> <br> We expected one tough game in <b>Ohio </b>- but the guys came through for a tough win. Our other Ohio RB came out on the winning side of a blowout. All the details inside...
October 24, 2004