Cal Photo Gallery

Stanford faced rival Cal on Saturday for the 110th Big Game and the 13-point underdogs did not disappoint. Stanford executed in all phases of the game and the seniors were sent off in grand fashion - with a Big Game win! The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was on the sideline to capture these photos for your enjoyment. Post-game celebration photos still to come!
December 2, 2007

Arizona State Photo Gallery

Though Stanford struggled against Arizona State, the Cardinal had some highlights that The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was on the sideline to capture for your enjoyment.
October 1, 2007

Oregon Photo Gallery

After Stanford played an unbelievably exciting second quarter, the Cardinal eventually lost to 13th-ranked Oregon on Saturday. The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was on the sideline to capture these 26 exclusive photos for your enjoyment.
September 25, 2007

Post-Game Interviews: Oregon, Part II

Part II of The Bootleg's provision of poignant post-game locker room quotes from running back Anthony Kimble (who had a simply monster first half with 115 yards on 12 carries), tight end Ben Ladner (who scored his first college TD), free safety Bo McNally, quarterback T.C. Ostrander, and head coach Jim Harbaugh
September 23, 2007

Post-Game Interviews: UO, Part I

From the thrill of victory last week came the agony of defeat. It was a somewhat somber setting after a game that got away from Stanford following a rather heroic effort in a turnover-forcing 28-point second quarter. Here are a couple of modest locker room quotes Ben Ladner & Alex Fletcher following a game in which the Cardinal showed tremendous resilience and less than optimal finishing power.
September 23, 2007

UCLA Post-Game Interviews

The Cardinal came up short against a quality UCLA team Saturday, losing 45-17, causing disappointment and frustration, but hardly despair. Immediately afterward, players in the locker room were accountable for the results, but already focused on improvement and preparing for San Jose State. Read on for thoughts from Ben Ladner, Clinton Snyder, James Dray, T.C. Ostrander & Richard Sherman.
September 2, 2007

Day Eight: Fires Burn Brightly

We have described throughout this year the impact that the new Cardinal coaching staff, led by Jim Harbaugh, has had on Stanford's practices and workouts. The now-famous "enthusiasm unknown to mankind" has infected the team. We have also seen a turnaround in individual players. Two cases in particular have gripped our attention. Both are impact players on offense, and both feel reborn this year.
August 15, 2007

Day Seven: Marinelli Debuts

We last saw him on December 2, 2006 in Stanford's season finale. 6'7" Chris Marinelli has been on the shelf since, but on Sunday the redshirt sophomore right tackle made his 2007 debut participating in team action. The big Bostonian is a shot in the arm for the offensive line, and his unbridled excitement to be back on the field is carried with the same brute force as his play.
August 13, 2007