Rich's Rant: Price Increase a Bad Move

Rich rants about John Collins' increase in ticket price, the Browns new DC, and more...
February 23, 2005

Browns Organization Looking Forward

With the recent events surrounding the Cleveland Browns, team owner Randy Lerner has a monumental task on his hands. A revamping of the Browns front-office and on-field activities are at the fore-front, as the organization seeks to provide the City of Cleveland and its fan-base a championship quality team.
December 1, 2004

Berea Report: Collins, Davis Speak

Team President John Collins and Head Coach Butch Davis spoke to the media on Wednesday, with Collins one-upping the team's statements about Butch Davis' future from yesterday. Oh, and the Browns play something called "football" on Sunday. The first independent report from Berea on the web, per usual, for Bernie's Insiders subscribers!<BR><BR>
November 24, 2004

Coachwatch: Pre-Game Update

The Browns take on the Jets today at 1PM, and your friendly web-mangler will be hanging where the media and team fear to tread: in the stands. While I fulfill a promise to my son to not "work" (heh) during a game, Butch Davis' job hinges on the quality of play. As usual, there will be a big gang o' dawgs in <A HREF="" target="_blank">the chat room</A>. Speculation continues to swirl around Browns head coach Butch Davis. Here's today's Coachwatch update...
November 21, 2004

Browns Get Ahead of the Spin

<br>Now it gets interesting.<BR><BR>The Browns fired off the first salvo in what may be a brewing media battle with Kellen Winslow, in a press release early this afternoon. The press release paints the Browns as reasonable and fair, while a simultaneous article on the team's official site notes that the Postons rejected the deal.
July 30, 2004

More Front Office Upheaval: Lal Heneghan Exits

In an unexpected development, reports on Thursday have indicated that one of the Browns top executives has left the club. At present, the reason for his exit is unclear.
May 13, 2004

Policy's Exit: The Complete Transcript

Proving once more that your webmaster needs more of a social life, here is the complete transcript of the Carmen Policy & John Collins press conference. You want to know what was really said? Here it is!
April 10, 2004

Newswire: Policy Steps Down

It may have been Policy and Collins behind the microphones on Wednesday, but Randy Lerner and Butch Davis are clearly the two men who are stepping into larger roles. This morning's packed newswire is a mix of stories on the Browns executive change, along with new speculation about the upcoming job and the the continuation of the Tim Couch saga. More...
April 8, 2004