Phils Get Garcia; Is Mench Next?

The Phillies have misfired on several free agent fronts this off-season. Late Wednesday night though, the Phillies and White Sox hooked up on a deal to send pitcher Freddy Garcia to the Phillies. A deal with Milwaukee could follow.
December 6, 2006

G.M. Meetings: Trades and A.J. Burnett Update

The baseball General Managers meetings have begun, though most of the work done at these meetings is laying a foundation for a future deal, finding out who is available and what each team is shopping and looking for. A.J. Burnett has been connected to the Blue Jays since the trading deadline, but InsideTheDome has learned it will not be an easy sign to make. This and more information regarding the hot stove for the Blue Jays is available to premium subscribers right now.
November 9, 2005