KU Left No Doubt Against Baylor

It was the elephant in the living room. A few people around the KU football program brought it up, briefly. Anything more than that was rewarded with a dirty look or stony silence. Nevertheless, with Baylor coming to town, KU's colossal fourth-quarter meltdown in Waco last year was on a lot of people's minds, whether they said so or not.
October 15, 2007

Patience pays off for Thornton

For some it's honor among thieves when it comes to summing up the recruiting game. Then you read a story about a school being truthful, up-front and then it working out the way it was all said that it could. Then you read about who it happened to and you can't help but be happy for the recruit.
January 8, 2005

3 in 1 recruiting rundown

After Jacob Hickman committed, we never knew what position he'd play. We know now. Jordan Congdon prepares for the U.S. Army All-American game and while he's waiting, the awards keep piling up. Justin Thornton is taking visits, but will he be taking a visit to Nebraska? All these in one in a mini-skinny of sorts as we keep you up to date in the world of NU recruiting.
December 18, 2004