Player Spotlight: Gardner McKay

During the past few months, Gardner McKay had the best offseason of conditioning workouts since he's been at Colorado. The rising senior has added weight to his frame and wants to secure a starting cornerback spot with a new and improved work ethic.
March 17, 2008

Spots Up For Grabs in Secondary

Colorado enters fall camp with some starting spots up for grabs in the secondary. Inside, find out why senior Terrence Wheatley thinks the unit has a chance to be better this year than last, and just how open the competition is, according to coach Greg Brown.
August 2, 2007

Secondary 'Work in Progress'

Midway through Colorado's spring practices, secondary coach Greg Brown has a different tone in his voice than he did a year ago. Talking to him, you get the feeling he's turned up the heat on his players. Now that everyone knows each other and has been through a season together, expectations have been raised.
April 2, 2007

Buffs Get Through Situational Practice

The Buffs struggled through their yearly situational practice on Friday at Folsom Field. Inside, some practice notes, including Gary Barnett's comment on the Mell Holliday situation, a look at fullback Brendan Schaub and some news on freshmen Gardner McKay, Kevin Moyd and their NCAA Clearinghouse issues.
August 26, 2005