Phillies Stay Busy and Hopeful

The Phillies are in somewhat of a hurry up and wait mode right now. They have a decent offer out to closer Billy Wagner, but are waiting for a response. Plus, to get the guy they really want as their next General Manager, the Phillies will have to; you guessed it... wait.
October 20, 2005

Finally, A Trade To Be Happy About

It's been a good week for the Phillies. First, they get Mike Costanzo - the guy they wanted all along - with their first pick in the draft. Now, they unload unhappy Placido Polanco to Detroit for much needed bullpen help and a quality utility infielder. Plus, like Costanzo, both of the new guys are excited about being in Philadelphia.
June 9, 2005

Tigers Acquire Polanco from Phillies

It didn't take long for the Tigers to make someone else the newest member of the organization just a day after selecting Cameron Maybin with the team's top pick. The team decided to strike when the iron was hot, the iron of course being Ugueth Urbina, who was simply dominant over the last month.
June 8, 2005

Mets take a look at Urbina

The Mets should get a closer look at Detroit reliever Ugueth Urbina as the Tigers roll into Port St. Lucie Thursday afternoon. <P>
March 24, 2005

Authorities Rescue Urbina's Mother

<b>CARACAS, Venezuela</b> -– After more than five months in limbo, Venezuelan authorities rescued the abducted mother of Tigers' reliever Ugueth Urbina. The kidnappers, who had demanded a $6 million ransom for her safe return, fled, but at least one is thought to be dead.
February 19, 2005

Urbina to Return in 2005

After signing closer Ugueth Urbina in spring training to bolster a bullpen that appeared to be struggling, the Tigers have decided that Urbina did well enough in 2004 to warrant returning in 2005. This, despite the fact that Urbina remains in his native Venezuela, still waiting for a resolution concerning the kidnapping of his mother. In other news, another former closer will not be back, plus who took the Writers' Tiger of the Year award?
November 6, 2004