The Bottom Line: Pedro Feliz

The Phillies spent the off-season trying to upgrade at third base, but wound up settling for a stopgap measure with the signing of Pedro Feliz. So, was it a good move for the Phillies?
January 31, 2008

Signing Analysis: Wes Helms

The Phillies shopped for an option at third base and believe they found a very viable one in Wes Helms. So, just what does Wes Helms bring to the Phillies and is he worth the money that the Phillies have shelled out for him?
November 18, 2006

Phillies Officially Introduce Helms

Wes Helms wasn't the flashiest name on the free agent market; he wasn't even the flashiest third baseman on the free agnet market, but the Phillies believe he gives them just what they need in their lineup.
November 18, 2006