Welcome to Arizona East, also known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Among the offseason pick ups Tampa made at Sky Harbor were Casey Fossum, Roberto Alomar, Danny Bautista, and even the original D'Back, Travis Lee. The D'Backs beat the Yanks back in '01, can the former D'Backs compete with them in '05?
February 10, 2005

Take Them, They're Free (Agents)! Please!

Managing Editor James Renwick has discovered that the Diamondbacks have lost nary a free agent this off season. It wasn't hard to figure out, it's just that nobody cared enough about these guys to look.
November 27, 2004

D'Backs Look to Leave Fish Floundering

Once upon a time a series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was a walk in the park. But the suddenly hot D'Rays have won eight in a row and are looking to extend the streak against Randy and the Baby Backs. Managing Editor James Renwick sees the Snakes taking a big bite out of the fish and gaining ground as the Dodgers get Yanked.
June 18, 2004