Oakland A's 2010 Minor League Free Agents

The free agency period is officially open. The Oakland A's have 24 minor league players who have been granted free agency. We take a look at those players inside...
November 8, 2010

Could Henry Factor In Injury-Riddled 'Pen?

With the Oakland A's bullpen suddenly populating the trainer's room in large numbers, who else might wind up on the Opening Day roster if Joey Devine and perhaps some of the other relievers aren't ready by early April?
March 20, 2010

Arizona Can't Compete in Pitching Market

After offering Randy Johnson only about a quarter of his 2008 salary to remain with the team and getting snubbed by free agent right-hander Jon Garland, the Diamondbacks made an offer to free agent southpaw Randy Wolf. Care to guess how those negotiations went?
January 24, 2009