Marque McCray: Waiting for his time

His returns in junior college were as scintillating as they were deadly. The shifty moves, the lightning fast reflexes, Marque McCray had Husker fans drooling off their collective chins. Thus far this year, Marque hasn't surfaced in the return department, being practice more at wide receiver. Can you expect to see McCray this year and if so when? We talked with Marque to see if we could get some of those answers. Enjoy this edition of Video Bytes.
September 24, 2004

Grades are in for JUCO star!

It was perhaps the hardest battle of his life. Ok, maybe not so much, but for this junior college kid, worrying about grades and just where they are at hasn't been the easiest time in the world. This last Tuesday he got the word on just how they turned out and now we know if he'll be heading to Nebraska.
August 5, 2004