Padres trade Mateo, Ojeda for Olivio

The San Diego Padres are stocking up on catchers who have a tough time hitting .200 these days. On Saturday, the Friars sent Natanael Mateo, a Double-A relief pitcher, and Miguel Ojeda to Seattle for Miguel Olivio.
July 30, 2005

Knott Smelling the Roses In May

Clay Hensley continues to impress; Jon Knott continues to destroy; Natanael Mateo continues to fool hitters; Corey Smith continues to K; Arturo Lopez's great starts continue to get wasted; Fernando Valenzuela continues to pursue .500 in May; Luke Steidlmayer continues to embarrass Midwest League hitters; Matt Lauderdale continues to be perfect at the plate.
May 26, 2005

Padres Top 50 Prospects: #30-#26

Two outfielders and a reliever dot the next five in our countdown of the Top 50 Padres Prospects. An on base percentage of over .400 will raise some eyebrows and how does challenging a perfect game sound to start your Padres' career?
March 14, 2005

Four added to Mobile BayBears

The San Diego Padres promoted four players from their Lake Elsinore Storm squad after the team failed to qualify for the playoffs. Paul McAnulty, Mike Richardson, David Pauley and Natanael Mateo will join the Mobile BayBears as they seek a Southern League Championship.
September 8, 2004

Rojas red in the face; Steidlmayer pitching again

A tough day for the San Diego Padres minor league system. Justin Germano is wishing he was still in San Diego. Chris Rojas sees one error and commits another as the only runs that score all game are unearned. Joe Lima is the only one hitting in Elsinore. Jordan Pickens is an All-Star, isn't he? Jake Upwood loses again. Luke Steidlmayer is back on the hill and Rusty Tucker is roughed up a bit while Julio Cruceta smokes the ball.
June 26, 2004