BR Rookie Diary: Turner, 1st Entry

In this entry for the 2010 Bear Report Rookie Diary, Barry Turner writes about getting a promotion from the practice squad to the active roster and the feel of the crowd on game day at Soldier Field.
October 27, 2010

One-on-One with the Huskers: Barry Turner

It seems like forever since a freshmen defensive end from Tennessee tied all freshmen defensive players in sacks. For senior Barry Turner, that's been a few pounds as well. With a new staff, though, and a new emphasis on getting to the QB, Turner has shed some pounds while the defense has added a lot of confidence. Enjoy this one-on-one as Turner talks about now and how he sees the future.
August 26, 2008

Big Red Report Fall Camp Weekly Wrap-Up

Check out our weekly wrap up as we give you the skinny on the week that was during Fall Camp 2007
August 11, 2007

Media Day w/ DE, Barry Turner

From his first year where he lit up the conference, amongst the league leaders in sacks, Barry Turner's road has since been somewhat quiet. You have to give some credit to the guy playing in front him, though. There's no shame behind playing someone who is now in the NFL. But it's Turner's time, and he's taken that to get bigger, faster, stronger and as he says, more complete in his game.
August 6, 2007

Barry Turner goes from newcomer to leader

As a freshman it would be easy to say that Barry Turner wasn't ordinary. Hard to expect a person who is basically situational on defense, still ending up the year third on the team in sacks. That's the same team that led the country in that category. The surprise is over, though, and Turner goes from someone you hope, to someone you expect. Now it's him helping others adjust.
August 15, 2006

1-on-1 with the Huskers: Barry Turner

For someone of his age, he would be one of those that most would say has an uncommon maturity. Always thinking of what's ahead and never what's happened, Turner always looks to the future. Based on what he's done already in just his first year, he must see a pretty bright road ahead. But Turner remains realistic even while he's eternally optimistic. Enjoy this spring edition of 1-on-1 with the Huskers.
April 8, 2006