Walking away from the game you love

If you're a hard core sports fan, you've probably played competitive sports at some point in your life.
April 14, 2006

Scouting Padres Prospect: Chris Kolkhorst

The proponents of "Moneyball" all stress what Chris Kolkhorst has – the ability to consistently reach base. If you put together a team of players that can reach base near 40 percent of the time, the odds say you will score a lot of runs.
January 31, 2006

Top 30 San Diego Padres' Prospects

Here are the Top 30 Padres' prospects. MadFriars.com gives a little insight on each selection in our rankings but will follow up more in depth with individual scouting reports on each player throughout this off-season, starting in descending order.
December 5, 2005

California League Prospect/Batter of the Year

The Storm was the Padres best minor league team in 2005, and arguably the most talented. They nearly walked away with the California League Championship, if not for some late season shenanigans by the San Jose Giants who brought down several Triple-A players to help them win the title. It's amazing; you can even loathe the Giants on a minor league level.
November 9, 2005

Batter of the Year: Fort Wayne Wizards

Over a full season league, the requirements become slightly stiffer when evaluating our Batter of the Year. Seventy-five games is the threshold that drops some players out of contention – and I, the rebel that I am – hold that mark throughout the rest of our tour. A late surge by one player made this race a photo finish between three thoroughbreds.
October 21, 2005

Padres prospect mailbag: Conniff edition

As a new feature, in addition to the daily summary and interviews on your favorite Padres' prospect, we have decided to add some mailbags to Madfriars.com.
August 27, 2005

Interview with Wizards manager Randy Ready II

John Conniff of MadFriars.com sat down with Fort Wayne Wizards manager Randy Ready, in part two of the interview, to discuss the balance of player development and winning, the addition of Mike Baxter, the promoted Chris Kolkhorst, the pitching of Mike Ekstrom, Matt Varner and the formerly promoted Clayton Hamilton.
August 3, 2005