Mumba Rivera - Half Man, Half Amazing

APPLETON, Wisc. - Mumba Rivera is 6-0. His ERA is at a dazzling 2.52 through nine starts. Opponents are having a hard time getting hits against him, and he is very quickly becoming the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers' most consistent starter. InsidethePark's Jake Fannin caught up to the right-hander recently to find out more about the former basketball player's intriguing past.
May 24, 2005

Mumba Rivera: Ditches Hoops for the Diamond

Everett RHP Mumba Rivera, the Mariners 21st round pick in 2004, didn't play baseball from age 15-through-19. Then, one day as a freshman at a community college in Iowa, the Virgin Islands native said something that ended up changing his future. Don't miss out on this fascinating story.
July 16, 2004

Bethune Cookman College to Seattle Mariners?

In sort of a random story, the Mariners have selected two players from Bethune Cookman College so far in the 2004 MLB draft, OF Sebastien Boucher (7th round) and RHP Mumba Rivera (21st round). InsidethePark caught up with their head coach, Mervyl Melendez, to learn more about the pair of up-and-comers. "Potential" and "Ceiling" are two words often associated with these players.
June 8, 2004