Coble to forgo senior season

Would-be senior Kevin Coble, one of the most prolific scorers in Northwestern history, has decided to forgo his senior season. Coble talked with about his decision, his injury and the 2010-11 team that NU has coming back.
July 27, 2010

Northwestern and The Ewing Theory

Back in 2001,'s Bill Simmons officially formulated "The Ewing Theory." Inspired by Patrick Ewing, Simmons hypothesized that – instead of floundering – teams that lose their star player often – for whatever reason – rally and play even better. Purple Reign looks at The Ewing Theory and wonders if the Wildcats are the most recent example.
December 2, 2009

Cursed-case scenario

It's been a dizzying season for Northwestern's hoops team. And we're only one game in. Two season-ending injuries to two seniors, including the team's unquestioned leader, have cast quite the question mark over all the preseason plans.
November 15, 2009

Coble certain to climb

With the basketball season just around the corner, it won't be long before senior Kevin Coble resumes his ascension up the list of Northwestern's all-time leading scorers. Purple Reign puts a microscope to the hierarchy of the great Wildcat scorers and forecasts where Coble is likely to end up.
November 10, 2009

Reviewing the previews

Last season, preseason hoops pundits were talking as though anything better than an embarrassing season would be a success. But coming off an NIT berth, there is an air of anticipation about this Wildcats team that hasn't been seen in years, especially not last season. Purple Reign takes a look at the stark change in preseason rhetoric from '08 to '09.
October 25, 2009

Chicago College Basketball All-City Teams

There were a lot of talented players in Chicago this season. The city's five NCAA Division I teams provided a lot of fun moments, mostly due to players' abilities on the court. These two teams are by no means the ultimate listing of Chicago players this season, but I think they represent one person's fair and reasoned opinion about what happened on the court.
March 15, 2009

Spartans Use Second Half to beat Wildcats

Drew Neitzel scored 21 points and Drew Naymick nearly had a triple-double as No.11 MSU topped NU
February 9, 2008

POD: One Fans's State of the Program Post

Is it too early for this? I'm done with the team for this season - the NIT is probably out of reach now and all our chances for home upsets squandered. So where does this season, the down season we all expected, leave us?
March 1, 2007