Padres prospect scouting report: Julio Cruceta

As a twenty year old in Idaho Falls, Julio Cruceta was overmatched at the plate and on the field. An offseason of refinement brought him to Arizona where he played for the Peoria Padres in the Rookie League. His hitting turned a significant corner on the way over.
September 17, 2004

Julio Cruceta smoldering; Pitching rules the day

Brian Sweeney earned a victory against Randy Johnson pitching for the Padres. Dennis Tankersley won his own contest with the help of hot-hitting Tagg Bozied. Mobile and Lake Elsinore were off. Sean Thompson kept with the strong pitching performance theme. Fort Wayne is an impressive 5-1 to open the second half of play. Eugene had its game postponed. Two words in Arizona: Julio Cruceta.
June 30, 2004

Stauffer in Portland; Wells in Elsinore

Tim Stauffer's debut with Portland did not go as planned despite every Portland starter having at least one hit. The loss of Kennard Jones yielded mixed results in Mobile. Jared Wells debuts with Lake Elsinore. Dirk Hayhurst could be looking at his own promotion soon. Lachlan Dale is looking for a thicker bat these days. Daniel Baca was a factor again in Peoria on Friday and Peoria smacked 17 hits on Saturday in a win.
June 27, 2004

Rojas red in the face; Steidlmayer pitching again

A tough day for the San Diego Padres minor league system. Justin Germano is wishing he was still in San Diego. Chris Rojas sees one error and commits another as the only runs that score all game are unearned. Joe Lima is the only one hitting in Elsinore. Jordan Pickens is an All-Star, isn't he? Jake Upwood loses again. Luke Steidlmayer is back on the hill and Rusty Tucker is roughed up a bit while Julio Cruceta smokes the ball.
June 26, 2004