Prospect Pulse: Falling stock

No one likes to ride a prospect. Each year, expectations are set and some meet those goals, others exceed them, and then there are the players who fall short. Unfortunately, these players fit in the latter category on the Padres' prospect tree.
November 17, 2005

Padres top 50 prospects: 46-50

The top fifty begins with prospects 46-50 in the Padres farm system. Some haven't yet scratched the surface of their ability in the lower minor leagues while others are just getting the ball rolling and getting noticed by Padres' execs. Without further adieu, the balloting begins…
February 14, 2005

Padres Prospect Report: Daniel Baca

Daniel Baca composed a fine season in Peoria. He wasn't playing concerto as the classical composer of the same name, but he did pitch for the Peoria Padres in their rookie league and performed well in his second year in the system.
September 15, 2004