Photo Gallery: Frank Divas pass to Aaron Polanco

A real treat for Navy fans during the 2004 Emerald Bowl occured during the first quarter when Frank Divas completed a 17-yard pass to quarterback Aaron Polanco which gave the Mids a first-and-goal at the New Mexico 3-yard-line. photographer Ed Kujat provides Navy fans with these exclusive photos of the play.
January 7, 2005

Photo Gallery: Polanco runs for a score

#24 Navy swamped New Mexico in the 2004 Emerald Bowl, 34-19. During the first quarter Navy quarterback Aaron Polanco ran it in from 14 yards out to tie the score at 7. Navy never looked back after that. photographer Ed Kujat captured these exclusive, never before published photos of that historic play.
January 6, 2005

Paul Johnson addresses media after victory

After Navy's 34-19 win over New Mexico, a beaming Navy head coach Paul Johnson addressed the media.
December 31, 2004

Living on the Edge: Navy's Key to Making History

As they prepare for the first-ever Emerald Bowl and their second straight postseason party, these Navy Midshipmen are in search of an edge, anything that can propel them to a bowl victory and a 10-win season. Sure, this game won't receive huge national buzz in the college football world, as one would expect of any bowl game played in a baseball park. But don't tell Navy this game at SBC Park, the summer home of Barry Bonds, doesn't really matter.
December 27, 2004

Poise over Passion for Polanco

As the Navy football team prepares for its 105th encounter with The Long Gray Line from West Point, the Midshipmen seem to have everything going for them: the fresh memory of a 47-point run against Rutgers; the clinching of a second-straight bowl bid; an 8-2 record; and the knowledge of two runaway victories over Army in the past two seasons. On paper, it would seem there's little chance of Navy losing this game—and an outright claim to yet another Commander-in-Chief Trophy.
November 28, 2004

Navy - Rutgers Photo Gallery II

Navy defeated Rutgers Saturday on an overcast day. photographer Ed Kujat captured these photos.
November 21, 2004

Four Teams Can Play, Only Two Will Show

Think you have a handle on this upcoming Saturday's Rutgers-Navy game in Annapolis? You must either be a brilliant cognitive behavioral scientist, or a twisted psychic genius. Something like that.
November 15, 2004