Big Red Report Fall Camp Weekly Wrap-Up

Check out our weekly wrap up as we give you the skinny on the week that was during Fall Camp 2007
August 11, 2007

One-on-One with WR, Frantz Hardy

He knows exactly what went wrong last year. Maine was great, but Frantz Hardy knows exactly what limited him after the game, where he went off for approx. 150 yards. Since the off-season has started, he's been doing his best to fix it and get to where he thinks he should be. As Hardy says in our latest one-on-one, he and the rest of the team are there.
August 12, 2006

Post-Game Video with Frantz Hardy

Seven receptions for 152 yards. Not bad for a rookie, eh? Well, Frantz Hardy isn't a rookie, but even for a junior college transfer, he didn't do too bad. Hooking up time and time again with Zac Taylor, this deadly duo proved to be just that. For Frantz, it's just the start and all he hopes is that he'll get some scores to go with it, but the opportunities will be the same. Enjoy this edition of video bytes.
September 4, 2005

Photo Day Sound Bytes: Frantz Hardy

Check out these photo day sound bytes with wide receiver Frantz Hardy.
August 20, 2005

Chemistry settling in for Hardy

You don't have to look twice to know the weapon Nebraska will have in junior college transfer wide receiver, Frantz Hardy. Actually, you can look twice if you like, but chances are, by that second look he's gone. That's how he hurts you, his speed promising to hurt many this season, but, as Hardy himself will tell you, there's a lot more to this job than just wheels. Enjoy this edition of sound bytes.
August 13, 2005

Hardy pulls trigger on commitment

If the cards were stacked against any team it had to be Nebraska to earn the commitment of Frantz Hardy. Hardy had friends at Auburn, had hung out in Kansas, South Florida was closer to home and Nebraska was even further north than Kansas.
January 26, 2005