NU Recruit Update - November 15

NU bound <b>Tyrell Sutton's</b> [Pictured above] Hoban Knights lost to last year's Div III winner, leaving just one NU Commit still in the hunt for State High School playoff glory.<br> <br> You can see how each of our 5 Commits did for the year, we'll update them individually as needed until signing day using the Hot News.
November 15, 2004

NU Recruit Update - November 8

And now there are just two - <br> <br> One more of NU's Commits had a playoff loss last weekend, <b>Eric Peterman</b>'s Sacred Heart-Griffin Cyclones killed their chance for a state title by losing Saturday.<br> <br> We're now left to follow the actions of <b>Ramon Diaz</b> and <b>Tyrell Sutton</b> [pictured], as they continue their respective treks through state playoffs.
November 8, 2004

NU Recruit Update - November 2

Lots of offense among the <b>Wildcat </b>Commits this past weekend, as we welcome Commit #5.<br> <br> All but one team was in the State Playoffs, there's going to be a lot more High School, NU Commit football to follow as 3 teams advanced...
November 2, 2004