Zimmer contemplating changes in practice

Mike Zimmer has talked to other coaches and talked to his veteran players. It has him thinking of altering practices to help the younger players.
March 20, 2017

Sunday slant: The young and rewarded

The Minnesota Vikings were aggressive in the free-agent tackle market, but only time will tell if their movement toward younger linemen pays off.
March 11, 2017

Sunday slant: O-line overhaul just starting

The Minnesota Vikings cut two offensive linemen on Friday, but that’s just the start of the overhaul.
February 12, 2017

Sunday slant: Adjusting the draft strategy

The Minnesota Vikings need a make-good draft filled with talent, and that might require an adjustment in philosophy in a few areas.
February 5, 2017

Sunday slant: Vikings ‘strong-minded’ enough?

The Minnesota Vikings are getting down to their last nerve and scratching for survival with the depth chart thinning. Can they handle it?
November 20, 2016

Vikings near full participation at practice

The Minnesota Vikings got three key defensive players back at practice on Thursday.
November 17, 2016

Another week, another O-line combo

It seems like every week the Minnesota Vikings are revamping an offensive line that looks like a scene out of Hamburger Hill. Guard Alex Boone has even offered to move to left tackle if the coaches think it will help stop the bleeding, but he is not allowing time to feel sorry for himself or his team.
November 16, 2016

Holler: Will Vikings stick with Walsh?

The love-hate relationship between fans and Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh reared its head Sunday when Walsh missed two kicks in regulation of an overtime loss. Will those misses be the ones that force the Vikings to move on from their kicker?
November 7, 2016