Bill Callahan statement on Justin Tomerlin

After it was reported that sophomore tight end Justin Tomerlin was arrested early Sunday morning for DUI, Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan isssued the following statement this Wednesday afternoon.
March 1, 2006

Justin Tomerlin now in the mix

When any player commits, it's usually a long wait until the day they can finally see the field. For some, it is even longer. For Justin Tomerlin, the last two days must have seemed equal to the months he's been waiting to play his ball at Nebraska. Well, now that wait is over and head coach Bill Callahan is already anticipating high expectations for Tomerlin's role for the near future.
August 6, 2005

Tomerlin's move changes mind-set, not attitude

Zac Taylor had to feel relieved when he knew former teammate Justin Tomerlin was going to Lincoln. Yes, they were friends, roommates even, but that's not the reason Taylor should have felt so thrilled. Tomerlin was going to be a tight end with Nebraska, not a rush end like he was at Butler, where he made Zac's life on the practice field hell. Well, it's déjà vu all over again and now Taylor isn't looking for Tomerlon in the practice for one reason: To know where not to go
July 31, 2005

Spring game speech has Tomerlin ready to go

Justin Tomerlin is normally a pretty laid back guy. Well, except for when he's on the field, of course. After this year's spring game, though, laid-back became pumped up, Tomerlin ready to strap it on right there and head out onto the field. With the injury to Matt Herian, that's what people are expecting him to do, but now, Tomerlin wishes he didn't have to wait.
April 19, 2005

Tomerlin makes his decision

It was supposed to be pretty cut and dry from the moment he verbally agreed to attend Michigan State. Well, that's how recruiting goes, though, as the best laid plans often find themselves on the scrap heap. Nebraska helped in doing just that for Justin Tomerlin as a late push put them neck and neck with the Spartans, forcing Justin to have to take a step back, think about and decide. He made his decision today.
January 27, 2005