The Greatness of the 1997 Oakland A's

The 1997 Oakland A's were the worst team in baseball, and yet that season, in many ways, set the foundation for the run of playoff teams the A's had in the early 2000s. We take a look back in time at the greatness that was the 1997 Oakland Athletics.
February 3, 2015

Oakland A's Camp Notes: An Eventful Day

Getaway day was a busy one for the Oakland A's. The day featured a well-played victory over the Milwaukee Brewers, an ownership transfer and a possibly devastating injury. At the end of the day, the A's boarded the plane for the Bay Area with roster questions still lingering and the optimism that comes from the start of a new season.
March 30, 2005

Inside Pitch: Schott Defends Moves, Beane

Speaking publicly for the first time since the controversial trades of star pitchers Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder, A's co-owner Steve Schott insisted he didn't order the trades as a cost-cutting measure but supported the bold decisions by general manager Billy Beane.<br><br> Schott also said the trades were not to position the A's to be sold more easily and suggested Barry Zito's healthy track record was the reason he was the member of "The Big Three" who was picked to stay.
January 3, 2005

Clubhouse Corner: Steve Schott World Series

Baseball "experts" may point to Curt Schilling's ability to pitch with pain, David Ortiz's monster post-season, Albert Pujols' offensive explosion or Jim Edmonds' golden glove as the reasons that the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals are squaring off in the World Series this season. However, faithful followers of the green and gold will tell a different story – the 2004 World Series would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of one Steve Schott.
October 25, 2004