PHOTO ESSAY: Fall Camp Part II

PULLMAN -- The Cougars don't start truly cracking heads until Thursday out on the Palouse when the players will don full pads, but there's been no shortage of high flying highlights in the early days of fall camp. Presented in living Technicolor, this crimson and gray 17-photo pictorial, as seen through the CF.C photo lens.
August 8, 2006

Crimson and Grayshirt trio arrive in January

THE NUMBER HAS moved up over the course of the year and it will likely remain in flux up to Signing Day but as of now, Washington State looks to sign 23-24 recruits when Feb. 1 rolls around. WSU is likely to oversign with some of that surplus enrolling the following January, becoming part of next year's recruiting class. Three holdovers from last year will do just that this January, enrolling at WSU in a little more than a month's time and gaining the advantage of participating in spring ball.
November 25, 2005

Oh Canada! Cougs have long tapped talent up north

As long-time Cougar watchers know, the recruiting hunting grounds for WSU north of the border are not bountiful but usually fruitful. Hank Grenda, Rob Meier, Rueben Mayes, Brian Forde, Don Sweet, Ted Gerela, Glenn Harper, and the Pimiskern brothers are among the Canadians who have made hay at Ol' Wazzu over the years. That pipeline of talent is continuing in a BIG way.
May 20, 2005

Recruiting Class of 2005 -- Status report

THE LIST of Washington State's 2005 recruiting class now totals 17 known future Cougars. The ledger includes 14 verbal commitments, plus a trio of holdovers from the '04 class. Here is an updated breakdown on the Class of 2005.
January 21, 2005

Bursey one of five tripping to WSU this weekend

WASHINGTON STATE will play host this weekend to five student-athletes making official visits. Three talented Californians will be joined by arguably the top offensive lineman in the state of Washington and a massive steakeater from north of the border.
January 12, 2005

Cougs land mammoth Canadian lineman

EVERY YEAR IT becomes more and more difficult to locate the diamond in the rough, a talented player who remains primarily an unknown quantity, one that other schools have not yet discovered. The Cougs may have done exactly that with the verbal commitment of mammoth Canadian offensive tackle Joey Eppele.
October 14, 2004