Direct Quotes: Day 7 (Offense)

Offensive linemen managed to survive the muggy temperatures at Berea long enough to talk to us yesterday, and Rich Passan had conversations with Clint Stickdown, Enoch DeMar, and Cosey Coleman about how they've fared in training camp....
August 5, 2005


While three former Bearcats heard the phone ring and an NFL team on the other end of the line, several others are taking the hard road to life as a NFL player.
May 2, 2005

Browns, Rookie Free Agents Agree

The Browns appear to have reached contract agreements with over a dozen rookie free agents, led by Kent State quarterback Josh Cribbs (pictured), who we have been reporting on extensively during the last several days. Here is the latest list, culled from a wide variety of sources, and with a lot of help from dawgs in <a href="" target="_blank">The Watercooler</a>.
April 26, 2005