Phillies Prospect #37: Danny Sandoval

Danny Sandoval has gotten a quick taste of major league baseball, but he's in a position now to take a bigger bite. The infielder could stick with the Phillies in a utility role if he shows he belongs this spring.
January 27, 2007

Sandoval Hopes He's Seen the Last of Minors

Danny Sandoval has had a tough road to the majors and he hopes that road ends with a long stay in Philadelphia. In fact, he hopes he never has to get back on the road running between the minors and majors.
September 7, 2006

Top Prospect #40: Danny Sandoval

Danny Sandoval has bounced around the minor leagues, climbing only to fall again and seemingly always coming up short. After getting his first major league at bat this past September, the 26 year old is still looking for a place to fit in.
January 28, 2006

Sandoval Excited About Joining Phils

After spendins seven seasons in the minors with the White Sox and Rockies organizations, Danny Sandoval signed with the Phillies during the off-season. He was one of the most consistent and hottest players at Scranton and now, he's getting a cup of coffee with the big boys.
July 17, 2005