McMichael Gearing Up for BC

"I want to be able to catch like a receiver but be as big as a tight-end," BC signee Jordon McMichael said in regards to his goals at the collegiate level. "Then I can give the linebackers some trouble."
May 25, 2006

Class of 2006 Has Local Flavor

Welcome to Signing Day 2006, Boston College style. There were no late surprises, no blue-chip prospects, but all 20 LOIs were received and BC ended up with a solid and athletic class that the coaching staff is proud of.
February 1, 2006

Jordon McMichael Closes In On A Decision

Ever since Jordon McMichael alerted the recruiting world to the two schools that would do battle for his services, both sides have been anxiously awaiting his decision. We were able to speak with Jordon and find out if his decision has been made along with getting some details on how his season has been going and if he feels he has improved overall.
October 13, 2005

After Nebraska Trip, It's Down To Two

It's hard to miss Jordon McMichael whether he's walking down the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska or on the sidelines of the first double overtime game in Memorial Stadium history. So what did the large tight end prospect out of Minnesota think about Nebraska's record-shattering day against the Iowa State Cyclones, where does Nebraska stand on his list and when does he plan to pull the trigger?
October 4, 2005

Recruiting: OU still in the hunt for Minnesota TE

Minnesota tight end Jordon McMichael talks about his final three and interest in Oklahoma.
September 23, 2005