Bruney, Heredia, Jarvis Moved Down

Just two weeks until the Diamondbacks break camp, and tough decisions are being made. As good as some players have performed, there just might not be a spot for them on the big league roster...yet. breaks down the moves, and how they may affect the team you see at Chase. PLUS: Drew continues to impress; Counsell back in action; Halsey to be skipped; Batista to return from WBC action.
March 20, 2006

Top 50 Prospect Profile: #30 Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott isn't supposed to be on this list. This list is for the first rounders and the 6'5" prototypes. But Matt Elliott gets people out, gets them out at the end of the game, and gets them out at the end of big games. And he does it all with a calm the Diamondbacks love to see.
December 6, 2005

FutureBacks Prospect Profile: Casey Daigle

As we continue profiling the top prospects in the Diamondbacks organization we come across Casey Daigle. The same guy who struggled in 2004 might be due for a return trip to the bigs in 2006 thanks to a new role in the bullpen and a new pitch he perfecting.
September 30, 2005

Diamondbacks Inside Pitch gets you inside the Diamondbacks clubhouse, where you hear first hand accounts of Brian Bruney's loss of confidence, Javier Vazquez's loss of command, Mike Koplove's lost role, and the way the Diamondbacks are NOT going to lose the NL West.
August 22, 2005

Fantasy Baseball: The Closer Report

Many a major league closer, this season, has caused many a sleepless night for his fantasy owner. Currently, there are seven Opening Day closers on the disabled list and five have been removed from their closing duties, at least for now. If you're in the market for a late-inning specialist, here's the latest team-by-team update sorted by order of preference. Closers within each preferential category are listed next to their alphabetized team names.
May 30, 2005