Tobeck and Bannister Back In The Fold

The Seattle Seahawks have re-signed WR Alex Bannister and C Robbie Tobeck to multi-year deals, the team announced this afternoon. Terms of the contracts have not yet been disclosed.
March 30, 2005

Seahawks Finally Reward Reinfeldt

On Monday, the man who could be credited with saving the Seahawks' 2005 season months before it actually began finally received a well-deserved position of influence in the team's front office.
March 22, 2005

High Anxiety

If you're looking for a Yankee-style spending spree with a salary cap that demands that all teams think "Moneyball", Seahawks.NET's Greg Renick writes that given some foresight and patience, you may see things differently when Seattle's new front office is done dealing.
March 16, 2005

Lucas, Okeafor Lead Seattle's Free Agent List

The free agency deadline has passed, leaving several Seahawks on the open market. Stay tuned to Seahawks.NET as we provide comprehensive coverage of who stays and who bids farewell...
March 1, 2005

Decisions, Decisions!

"Right now, we're in the honeymoon, of course. Everybody is gushing and bubbly about getting the "best man for the job." In truth, only time will tell just how effective this hiring is. Tim Ruskell has hit the ground running."
February 27, 2005

Free Agency - The Seven Deadly Sins

"In the upcoming free agency period, this organization needs to identify those who play the game with fire in their bellies and bloodlust in their eyes. Fill the roster with players who will stop and nothing to bury the air of mediocrity that hangs over Seahawks headquarters."
February 15, 2005

Odd Man Out

"'Trader Bob' didn't get his nickname from being shy...what the Seahawks need now is a steadier hand to bring success that will endure. Hopefully, the next team President will be one that respects the franchise's heritage and recognizes the value of good team chemistry… both on the field and off."
January 15, 2005