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August 11, 2007

Photo Day Sound Bytes: Jordan Picou

Check out these photo day sound bytes with offensive lineman Jordan Picou.
August 20, 2005


There have been a lot of questions surrounding three Husker recruits and their academic status. One waits in Lincoln to hear his fate while two were in California. One of the recruits from California though is one his way to Lincoln and will be there for practice tomorrow. Big Red Report had a chance to catch up with him between flights.
August 13, 2005

Jordan Picou: Ready to go?

The name Picou is very familiar to Husker fans. First it was Rodney Picou that committed to Nebraska right before the start of the year that really got the recruiting class going. Then the name of another Picou that, pretty much out of nowhere, surfaced and was also set to become a Husker. A tough summer load has kept Jordan Picou in California up to now, but is he set to be a Husker?
July 23, 2005

Picou's June arrival pending

The questions since first hearing the name of Jordan Picou have been many. The cousin of Rodney Picou, Jordan's rise to prominence, at least in the mids of Husker fans was fairly quick. Now that they have gotten to know at least who he is, the questio now remains, when or will the elder Picou make it to Nebraska.
March 25, 2005

Rumors true about grayshirt for Jordan Picou?

The need for linemen this year was evident. The help has come in the form of offensive tackles from the JUCO ranks. The Huskers were fortunate enough to land two of their more highly rated tackles on their board. But, does one have some academic issues that won't allow him to see the field next year for Nebraska?
January 30, 2005

Picou returns from Nebraska a solid commit

It doesn't happen too frequently that a recruit commits to a school without ever having seen the school or the city. It might be a harsh reality sometimes for those recruits who find out that they just didn't click or flat out didn't like that school or city. Thankfully, that didn't happen with this key lineman.
January 24, 2005