Cardinals Will Meet With Local Prospect

As draft day approaches the one thing everyone agrees on is that the Cardinals could take any one of about 12 different players with their #5 overall first round draft pick. With the second round pick though the Cardinals may have their sights set on a local product.
March 10, 2007

Saturday NFL Combine LIVE Feed - Updated 5:09 ET

Directly from the NFL combine, live feeds from personal and draft scouts on all the news from Indianapolis. NFL Draft prospect notes, NFL Team notes, Reports, Stats and free agency updates. <br><br> <b>This page will be updated frequently, please refresh regularly.
February 26, 2005

NFL Prospect Update

The New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers could all be looking in the same direction this April as teams prepare for the NFL Combine. Also- are the Cowboys and Packers considering a quarterback? Here's a look at how players have fared as they prepare for Indianapolis as well as some breaking news, which could affect the Bears, and Lions in round two.
February 9, 2005