ScoutTV: Narduzzi Praises Defense, Baldwin

Narduzzi talked about his teams ability to shut down the BC run game, and the tremendous effort by senior defensive end Ervin "G-Ball" Baldwin in his last game as a Spartan.
December 29, 2007

No Saint-Dic Means Davis, Long Step Up

Stung by the loss of senior defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic, Michigan State is turning to senior tight end Kellen Davis and sophomore Brandon Long to fill the void.
December 26, 2007

Saint-Dic: All-American

"I just do my job," Spartan defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic said earlier in the season, revealing his hard-working, team-oriented attitude. "I just try my best to make it easy for the DB's, make it easy for the linebackers, and make it easy for my coaches. That's what I do. I work hard and keep going until the whistle is blown."
December 11, 2007

Saint-Dic a Finalist For Hendricks Award

Michigan State defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic is one of six finalists for the 2007 Ted Hendricks award annually given to college football's best defensive end.
November 30, 2007

Spartans Can Still Salvage Season With Bowl

If anything good can come out of it, hopefully all involved with the State football squad can remember one thing, "finish." Finish the ballgame, finish the season. Defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic said, "Don't feel sorry for Michigan State, we'll be fine."
November 5, 2007

ScoutTV: Saint-Dic Talks Record, Iowa

Michigan State defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic set a new school record for the most forced turnovers in a single-season, but the big playmaker says a win over Iowa would mean more.
October 23, 2007

ScoutTV: Saint-Dic Confident Ready To Face #1

Defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic was pumped up and ready to face the Ohio State Buckeyes almost immediately following the Spartans 52-27 win over Indiana.
October 18, 2007

AUDIO: Saint-Dic Says No Excuses

"He was making good passes, he was finding good receivers," said Jonal Saint-Dic about Northwestern's C.J. Bacher. He added, however, "I'm not making excuses. They had a good game and we'll just have to come out there and hit them harder."
October 8, 2007