Finishing on familiar ground

His last game as a prep was at Qualcomm Stadium, where San Diego State plays their regular season games. Now it will be where he plays his last game as a Husker. Playing in his home town, Holt thinks about how nice it is to go out in front of so many people who know you. But he's also excited about raising the bar one more time for the Huskers, before his days are done.
December 26, 2009

Coach Holt?

There's a certain savvy about seniors. They have seen it all...or most of it. But some come across almost like a coach. Count senior wide receiver Menelik Holt amongst that group. You know you are talking to a player, but Holt isn't afraid of breaking the position down, giving you analysis on players and talking about the future as any coach might. Which he did after practice today.
August 9, 2009

Fall Camp Video - Menelik Holt

It's not do or die, but it's certainly the last go-around for wide receiver Menelik Holt. One year to take over for two of the most productive wide receivers in NU history, and in that same year produce a little of his own. In this video from today Holt says he's raring to go, and not just him, but the entire receiving corps is ready to get going for the year.
August 8, 2009

Q&As with the Huskers

Listen to a couple of today's post practice audio bytes as junior quarterback Zac Lee talks about pushing through practice, but making sure not to push as a QB. And listen to senior wide receiver Menelik Holt talk about his own progress, the progress of the wide receiving corps as a whole and who is the toughest guy in the secondary to go against.
April 11, 2009

Holt sees good in past, future for big red

For junior wide receiver it's been an interesting year. He's gotten more opportunities than ever before, made the kind of plays he thought he could coming in and is looked at as a key not just for the bowl game against Clemson, but for the Huskers next year. Holt talked about that, Clemson, stability in the program now and where he sees this team in the future.
December 8, 2008

Husker health situation starting to clear up

The Huskers went inside Hawks Championship Indoor Center as they continue to get ready for this weekend's game against Kansas Jayhawks. With injuries a primary concern for the big red, the questions linger about who may or may not be ready for the game.
November 5, 2008

Practice Tidbits

Check out the skinny from today's practice as the Huskers continue preprations for the Kansas Jayhawks.
November 4, 2008

Husker team moving on

Nebraska went back to practice today as they try to rebound from the Oklahoma drubbing so that they can avoid duplicate results as they get ready to host the offensively potent Kansas Jayhawks. It would seem that there should be lingering effects from a game like the Huskers just had. But Head Coach Bo Pelini said that everyone has already moved on.
November 3, 2008